Developing our Resilience from within 

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Having spent the last month doing the circuit and listening to many of our housing clients, along with us speaking at the latest HR & L&D conference - it seems clear that Resilience and a reminder that we are ALL HUMAN is needed!

We are in changing times in the sector, this can result in us having significant concerns and perceiving change as as a threat - yet it almost always offers us opportunities... If only we could go back in time and tell ourselves "it will all work out, I'm fine", but lets face it, we can't. What we can do however is take a look at ourselves and have that meaningful chat in the 'here and now' .

At the conference last week, our director of business psychology Paul Chudleigh talked to the HR community about "Resilience from within". Being less tough on ourselves and reminding us that we are incredibly resourceful and special people is not a bad thing.... "It's

ok not to be perfect" was another key message, we are all confused, complex and working things out and THIS IS OK.

In terms of how we create wellbeing that's sustainable and helpful for both people and business - well that often comes from within, and we forget this. So, have a word with yourself, remind YOU that YOU are doing the best and this is good enough. This simple step in itself can unlock the fears, increase personal Resilience and simply mean you enjoy being you at work even more.

We are delighted to be unlocking more of these the key messages and offering lots of tips at our Resilience training session on 16th October at the CHC offices. This event has been oversubscribed, so yep, resilience is certainly needed... (sorry to those who we had to say no to). We will be offering further sessions in the forthcoming months so please look out for this!

To those that are enrolled, we look forward to meeting each and everyone of you - to inspire you to be YOU and be the best you can be.

lan Rothwell, Managing Director

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